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Black Air Force Activity 1 – Teejayx6

Black Air Force Activity 1 – Teejayx6

🚮1. Gadgets
🚛2. Spotlights
🌊3. Reader & Writer
👎🏾4. Dark Web
💩5. Work Out (might be the worst song ive ever heard)
🚮6. Swipe Lesson 3 (😂🤣please listen to this)
🚛7. Computer Junkie
🚛8. Dynamic Duo 2 f. Kasher Quon (😂🤣)

He rap like someone raised the speed on a teleprompter. This project isnt good at all, but it is fucking hilarious. I havent laughed this much reviewing a project ever. This dude gives no fucks, he incriminating himself, teaching you how to commit crimes in full detail, rhyming whenever he wants (and its not often), and honestly he mightve scammed the torch for the most toxic, negative, youth/black community ruining rapper of all time. This project for dudes that got left back more than once and dont drop out. Someone please call the cops on him, do him a solid. Please arrest this nigga he dangerous to my people!
1/10 – John D.

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