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Beautiful Dei – Lupus Dei

Beautiful Dei – Lupus Dei

🔥01. Beautiful Dei ( ft Wrek Greys)
🔥02. Straight Like Dat
🌊03. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
🔥04. Come On Down (ft Mr PPV)
🔥05. Am I Wrong
👍🏻06. Right Numbers
👍🏻07. Ants & Elephants (ft General Back Pain)
🌊08. Misunderstood
🔥09. Hard 2 Kill
🔥10. Dedicated (ft Wrek Grays)

Project slides he’s on here barking over some super smooth production. Couple songs I didn’t hate but coulda skipped other then that this is a SOLID project old heads gunna love it and he’s dropping gems for these new age cats without sounding to preachy. Give this some spins the beats alone will lift your mood.
7/10 – JW

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