Alabama’s Finest – Hunndunn

Alabama’s Finest – Hunndunn

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Alabama’s Finest – Hunndunn

??1.Dive In
??2.Make You Famous
?4.All In The Wrist ft. Sloan J ?
?5.Dont Go There
??6.Salt ft. Sloan J & Quan Cartel
??7.Bricks ft. Mike Cartel
?8.Thats Cap
?9.Safe ft. Chi Money?
?10.Feel My Vibe

Fire Instrumentals and quality mixed with auto tune overload. This shit was like a hangover. The lyrics have the same feel as a concussion. Only a few glimpses of promise which give you a case to keep going a select few tracks saved this project from stamp territory. I would have fucked with this a lot more if you weren’t trying to do so much with the auto tune.
5.3/10 – Frank


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