Scary Nights – G-Eazy

Scary Nights – G-Eazy

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?1. Scary Nights
?2. I Wanna Rock f. Gunna
?3. Full Time Cappers f. Moneybagg Yo
?4. Big Ben f. Preme
?5. K I D S f. Dex Lauper
??6. Hittin Licks
?7. Demons & Angels f. Miguel & the Game
?8. A Very Strange Time

White Drake out here doing what he does. Projects got some mainstream typical sleepers on it, some typical mainstream features, some better than the other. Where it shines is when the focus is more laid back and less club, and more rap. He can rap, tho he only talks about his “hits” tours n such he still can string them together smoothly. Pacing is strange, features are dope minus Gunna. Its more a short compilation than like a cohesive project. The last song hit, it actually felt personal(ish). Quick listen, not bad at all. In rotation.
6.9/10 – John D.


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