Different Path – Dustin Nelson

Different Path – Dustin Nelson

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Different Path – Dustin Nelson

??1. I Don’t Fit In (ft. 7heroy?)
??2. No (ft. Vars?)
?️3. Can’t Tell Me
?4. Empty Threats (ft. Lrev?)
?️5. We Are Not The Same (ft. J Doses??)
??6. Fighting For You (ft. V!nz?) [Remix]

Can’t Tell Me he don’t sound new as fuck. Not a compliment, mans is just stiffer than morning wood. Dustin can for sure can pick out some nice beats though, but it don’t save him. The features are more comfortable on his own tracks than he is. The production surprisingly slides. There’s barely any room for this in rotation. But it fits.
5/10 – Drake K.


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