Recommended Dos – Greg Dos

Recommended Dos – Greg Dos

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Recommended Dos – Greg Dos

?01. Pandemic (Intro)
?02. Too Much to Lose f. Royal Entry
?03. Afloat
?04. Clouds Adrift
?05. What’s Your Name f. Kah’rez Flo
?06. You Should Know
?07. Escape f. Rodney King
?08. Pot O Gold f. Kah’rez & T.E.E.
?09. Crazy Place f. Yumz Awkword
?10. Liquid Chains
?11. Faux f. Kah’rez Flo
?12. Legendary f. Dexx! Turner
?13. To a Friend (Late Message)
?14. Let Em Go f. Izzy
?15. Peace of Mind

Project is heat. New age heat. All the singing, all the raps, but in a very creative and new age style. This that good side, new age jedi’s not that sith shit. Everything is clean, every beat was dope, the content was here in bunches. The in and out from smooth to lightly autotune seasoning was honestly flawless. I was never taken out of how fun or how much this project was just bumping. Pacing was nice, it never felt repetitive, very different in a sense that its taking risks with what is being mass produced, and for the better. Car music for sure, its a bit long but honestly it can be put on loop or front to back on repeat and wouldnt make you change it. In rotation.
8.8/10 – John D.


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