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FEET OF CLAY – Earl Sweatshirt

FEET OF CLAY – Earl Sweatshirt

FEET OF CLAY – Earl Sweatshirt

😴1. 74
🚮2. EAST (Most annoying beat ever)
🆗3. MTOMB f. 👍🏾Liv.E
👍🏾4. OD
💤7. 4N f. 🥗Mach-Hommy

Project is not ass, its the sound your asscheeks make when both cheeks rub together gently. All the features did better on this project than Earl, even the word salad spitting cat on the last boring ass track. Shirt sounded like his noise was on the mic the entire time he was recording, but also like he was caught mid yawn then started rapping. It doesnt sound good. His words may be good but first listen, im not even interested in diving into it. Production is lo fi but ive heard better on that youtube channel with homegirl doing homework. Project is a snoozefest. We get it, Quarter life crisis exist.
3.5/10 – John D.

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