Verse-Atility – Phe-Nom

Verse-Atility – Phe-Nom

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Verse-Atility – Phe-Nom

?2.Astro Zone
?5.Tru Words
?6.Ct Shine ft. L
?7.Hunger Pains ft. Papolito
??9.Sorry Not Sorry ft. Yale’s
?11.Oh Yay
?12.Anger Management

A lot of strong positives on this project. For starters the pacing and bars are generally on point. Very Cole type flow that I was nodding to. Wavy is the perfect explanation for the vibe of this project. However, you missed the mark in a couple tracks by trying to do too much. There were sections of almost all the tracks where you got too wordy which made the bars sound choppy. Very easy stuff to clean up.


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