Clutch Muzik – MoreJuice

Clutch Muzik – MoreJuice

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Clutch Muzik – MoreJuice

?1. Donmel Speaks (Intro)
?2. CCD
?3. We Ride Clean
?4. Bottles and Models
?5. Double Up (ft. Young Crack and 5 Mula)
?6. Idgaf (ft. Prince BK)
?7. Hit a Lick (ft. Noon)
?8. Salty Boy (Skit)
?9. Urgency (ft. Fysical)
?10. My Shorty

Stale. Mans put on a big snooze fest when he on his own. Hooks be mad tiresome. Thought he was good with features till track 6 came on; T-Pain would be disappointed with the autotune usage. Track 8 be a skit about being “hard” or something along the lines. Was followed up with an almost gangster track. Beats didn’t catch the ear. Production was right for the most part. Just like putting “Z” in music, its whack.
2/10 – Drake K.


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