Jasiah I Am – Jasiah

Jasiah I Am – Jasiah

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Jasiah I Am – Jasiah

?1. Voices
?2. Case 19 (ft. 6ix9ine?) [beat ?]
?3. Shenanigans (ft. Yung Bans??)
??4. Destructo Disc [Synths are ?]
?5. I’m Depressed
?6. When I’m Gone
?7. Heartbreak (ft. Travis Barker)
??8. FDD
??9. Baked Fried Beans
??10. You Can’t Take Me (ft. SYBYR??)
?11. Neon Rainbows

Carbon copy. This that X sound for sure. Mans sounds like he hopping on that fake depression wave so he can leach money off of these depressed ass gen Xers. Beat transition from track 1 to 2 is smooth as fuck. Does 6ix9ine got the N-Word pass? Other than the pedophile, features did alright but nothing memorable. Production is grade “A.” This is radio ready but for sure won’t get played due to the Soundcloud rapper sound going on. Almost in full rotation.
6/10 – Drake K.


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