BLADESYLVANIA – Ralphiie Reese

BLADESYLVANIA – Ralphiie Reese

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]BLADESYLVANIA – Ralphiie Reese

?01. Drynk Tha Kool Ayde (Opening)
?02. The Klenzin
?03. Habibti, ya nour el ein
?04. Synz Uv that Sweet
?05. Terror (n’tha) Hour uv Def
?07. 8nt No Sonshine
?08. Separayted at Dartaggeddon f. ?Vinny Vindetta
??09. Durus Altiknulujia (Interlude)
?10. Born Knowledge Baybeez from Power Hill
?11. Vulture Hourz
?12. Bowzye
?13. Butterfly Needlez XI
?15. Rhyme Sodomy f. ?SmooVth
?16. (klozing)

Tho typing out the names of each song gave me cancer, this project fucking slides. From very dope Lofi hip hop beats, to his cold ass flow, lyrics and delivery. You cant go wrong with this one. Features showed up, production showed up but mainly he fucking showed up. It never got boring even if it all felt familiar after a few tracks. Pacing was great, and its not as long as it actually seems. Project is fucking solid.
8/10 – John D.


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