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Bun B Day – Bun B

Bun B Day – Bun B

Bun B Day – Bun B
🔥01. It Ain’t Easy Being Trill
🚒02. I Am
🔥03. In My Trunk (ft Maxo Kream)
🆗04. I Tried (ft Yella Beezy, GP 4/5, & P.A. Yung’n)
👍05. Get The Bird (ft T.Y.)

Ep starts off pretty strong and then proceeds to fall flat on it’s face, I don’t know what happened Bun was rapping in the first few tracks and then track 4 hits and I’m assaulted by what I can only assume is a attempt at a emotional track but nobody’s verses seem to fit together in the song at all. The final track just wasn’t hitting like the opening tracks. Overall I’m not mad at this but it could of been better.
6.8/10 – JW

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