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ICONOLOGY – Missy Elliott

ICONOLOGY – Missy Elliott

ICONOLOGY – Missy Elliott

😴1. Throw It Back (Whoop whoop whoop whoop)
🆗2. Cool Off
👍🏾3. DripDemeanor f. Sum1
🌊4. Why I Still Love You
🌊5. Why I Still Love You (Acapella)

Project is a little teaser. I am more upset that half of it is new age stuff (done obviously ok because missy just knows music) but its very uninspiring. This isnt something anyone wants to wait for. Its more of a heat check kind of thing. The fun starts kicking in at 3, then the last 2 tracks feel a bit more genuine (yes they are the same). Its ok, not necessarily the most acceptable for a return type thing but still not terrible. Clean sound, clean prod all that famous people stuff mixed into the quality. Not bad, just in rotation.
6/10 – John D.

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