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G.I.T.U. – Chris Rivers

G.I.T.U. – Chris Rivers

G.I.T.U. – Chris Rivers

🗣📞01. Mother Of God
🆗02. Perfect (ft Oswin Benjamin)
👍03. Trick (ft Anthiny King)
🆗04. Damaged Goods
🌊05. Don’t Change (ft Anthiny King)
🆗06. Wolf Mode
🆗07. Light (ft Anthiny King, Oswin Benjamin)
🗣📞08. The Super Black Chronicle
🌊09. N.A.S.A. (ft Oswin Benjamin)
🗣10. Affirmation pt 1
🆗11. In The Morning
🌊12. Shine
🗣13. Affirmation pt 2
🔥14. G.O.D. (ft O.C.D.)
🌊15. Sincerely Me
🆗16. Birds (ft Avery)

Can we all agree using family voicemails for skits is played TF out. This project could of easily been a dope lil ep instead we got 16 tracks of mostly word salad and filler skits. He touches on some subjects but even that seemed pretty surface level he never takes it to that really personal level to really get the listener engaged. You can’t name something called “greatest in the universe” and it isn’t even top 100 albums of the year worthy yet alone the greatest. Project is a big ol MEH.
5/10 – JW

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