Blvck Dynomite – Blvck Dynomite

Blvck Dynomite – Blvck Dynomite

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?01. 2 Live 2 Jive (Intro)
?02. Blvck Dynomite Jam Session
?03. Afloat
?04. Get Down / Hits Blunt (Interlude0
?05. Father’s Day (Cater 2 Me)
?/?06. Hol Up
?07. On the Plate
?/?08. Shine / SuperDope (Interlude)
??09. Krush
?10. Live from the Glass House
?11. The Mile (Outro)

Project is solid. Production is nice, these dudes def can rap, some shine more than others but still overall dope. Theres no track where they all kinda leave earth tho and I really needed that. Also I get the theme and skits but the sound was not very black dynamite to me I was hoping for some more Adrian Younge influenced type stuff but still very clean. Project is cool has some lows tho, more so from just pacing and having multiple people get too much airtime so songs can end up dragging and losing you. Overall tho in rotation.
6/10 – John D.


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