[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Omo – PUERTORICANSTACKZ

?01. Better Days [too short]
?02. Too Much
?03. Anyway
?04. Koolaid [can this flow be dead?]
?05. Omo
?06. Scammers
?/?07. Prs
?08. Up and Down
?09. Parallel
?10. Road

I can hear this tracklist. No one’s original anymore from the sounds of it. Mans brought in the whole Storebrand ass raps. Beats were generic. This man either needs a new style of music to dive into or he needs to get rid of the “Yes” men by his side. Mans snapped a bit on track 7. Production and quality get slapped with a “F.” Lots of room for improvement. This a L.
2.5/10 – Drake K.


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