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Clouded EP – Lil Bando

Clouded EP – Lil Bando

Clouded EP – Lil Bando

🗣1. Overnight Success
🚮2. No Hook f. Ty Havin & Scotty P
💩3. No Hook 2 ‘Migo’ f. Scotty P
💩4. Dedicated
🚛5. Disrespect

If you wanna listen to a bunch of barless corny niggas whisper on a trash ep with a J. Cole speech intro (for no fucking reason) then this is it. Shit is garbage, beats are as quiet. Its weak, its corny, its unoriginal and it can get way the fuck out my headphones. There is no way in hell anyone on this project weighs over 100 pounds. Frail raps. Clout grabbing new age wave following garbage. We gonna put this project with everything Keef and Souljaboy released in the last year.
0/10 – John D.

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