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The Search – NF

The Search – NF

The Search – NF

🚒01. The Search
🚒02. Leave Me Alone
💎03. Change
🔥04. My Stress
🔥05. Nate
🚒06. Time (Extended)
🔥07. Returns
🚒08. When I Grow Up
🔥09. Only f. Sasha Sloan
🌊10. Let Me Go
🗣11. -Interlude-
🌊12. Hate Myself
💎13. I Miss the Days
🔥14. No Excuses
🌊15. Like This
🔥16. Options
🔥17. Why
🌊18. Thinking
🌊19. Trauma
🚒20. Time

Project is special. Its hard work, its OCD, its struggle, its rap, its hooks, its singing, its flows, its emotions, its honestly got everything in it. To top it all off tho its all really fucking good music. If this doesnt solidify him as one of the most talented in mainstream then I dont know what else he would have to do. 20 songs, not one thing on here I didnt fuck with, and not one moment where I felt like i was bored. He never let up. On top of all that he brings to the table, the production is just as versatile, its got epic, its got smooth, its got emotional, its got new age, some trap stuff but done right. If you want to know what OCD, passion, talent and hard work sounds like, look no further. In rotation.
10/10 – John D.

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