City Lights – Willie The Kid & D.U.S.

City Lights – Willie The Kid & D.U.S.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]City Lights – Willie The Kid & D.U.S.

? 01. Jewelry
? 02. Cigar Smoke
? 03. Dreaming (feat. Blue Rasberry)
? 04. Lord Have Mercy
? 05. Spotlight
? 06. Life is a Game of Chess
? 07. Nectarin

Project isn’t anything special. He can rap. The beats slide. It’s just missing something the whole time. He’s entirely too comfortable and it makes the project low key boring if your not actually listening. Sometimes you gotta try something here and there to keep the listener tuned in.
6/10 – M.


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