Return Of The Wise – Hakeem Raahil

Return Of The Wise – Hakeem Raahil

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Return Of The Wise – Hakeem Raahil

?01. Lord Thing
?02. Southside Skywalker
?️03. Bolt (Freestyle)
?️04. Drip Season
?️05. Get Paid
?️06. Micki
?07. Count A Milli
?08. Outside (Freestyle)
?️09. Old Keys, New Doors Ft. KD.Zone3
?10. Want Smoke?
?️11. ’87
?️12. Ya Feel Me (Pt.2)
?13. See Stars
?️14. Charles Barkley
?15. All My Life (I see you lord)

Not the illest wordsmith in the world but the kid has potential he just need to put more character and vibe into his style cause he too laid back. I wasn’t too big into the production on a few joints but for the most part i enjoyed the stories he was telling about his life and his struggle so i respect that he wasn’t on the average ass “i’m that nigga” shit. Some joints sound pretty clean while other need to be fine tuned a bit. But none the less this wasn’t bad. Keep swimming.
6/10 – OG Grey


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