Ooouuhh the Mixtape – Hunndunn

Ooouuhh the Mixtape – Hunndunn

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?️01. Ooouuhh
?️02. Ooouuhh ooouuhh ooouuhh
?️03. Flex ooouuhh
?04. News ooouuhh
??05. F.I.U (Fuck it up)
?️06. Hold, yeah, Ooouuhh Ft. Juice Savage
??07. What they cost Ooouuhh Ft. Mike Cartel
?08. On one ooouuhh
?09. James Harden ooouuhh
?10. Mumble

Although the new age rap music isnt my vibe, i try to listen with blind ears. So with that being said hunndunn’s ooouuhh mixtape is like oil and water to me it doesnt mix with what i listen to. Production was dope. Hunndunn however took too much of the gunna/young thung style and completely ran with it. Some joints are kinda catchy some are fuckin boring. I can see cats bumpin this for the turn up. He sounds like everyone else with his more oouuhh’s and the usual bragging im flashy designer lyrics. Shit like this should just be a 4 or 5 song ep of the hottest of the basic mumble shit. Sidebar: Can we at least be creative and have some real song titles adding “ooouuhh” to every title of the song grinds my gears.
4/10 – OG Grey

Ooouuhh the Mixtape by Hunndunn

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