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Foe Hate – Foe

Foe Hate – Foe

Foe Hate – Foe

👍🏾1. Remember
🌊2. Dreamless Nights f. Smooth130
🌊3. Fake Hustlers
👍🏾4. Warning Shots f. Swavo
🚛5. Rumors f. Lawny Lu
🚮6. M.A.D.
🌊7. Want Me Dead f. Lawny Lu

Project is solid. Its a quick listen so it does not lose you. It does get strange at one point where all this weird hype singing shit starts happening but if you disregard that its not bad at all. Nothing breaks the mold, all pretty standard as far as mix and the beats. One thing that stood out tho is tho its very new age and got some cookie cut out elements this dude also sprinkles in that he can actually fucking rap and some nice smokescreens making you think you are in for something different. I am not mad at it. Features were cool too they helped, minus track 5. In rotation.
6/10 – John D.

Foe Hate by Foe

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