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7 – Lil Nas X

7 – Lil Nas X

7 – Lil Nas X

🔥🔥01. Old Town Road (ft Billy Ray Cyrus)
🌊02. Panini
🆗03. F9mily (you & me)
🆗04. Kick It
🌊05. Rodeo (ft Cardi B)
🌊06. Bring U Down
🌊07. C7osure (you like)
🔥08. Old Town Road

A couple of things are pretty obvious to me, this kid has talent, he’s trying to be a genre breaker, and having both versions of Old Town Road on here is abusing previous existing streams to try and steal a number one on the charts but I ain’t mad at none of that. Collectively this project is going to do well with the fortnite aged crowd, songs are catchy beats are bouncy and production is clean. I ain’t mad at this but it’s not going to get any extra spins from me.
6/10 – JW

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