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BoxTalk – Salaam Remi & Joell Ortiz

BoxTalk – Salaam Remi & Joell Ortiz

BoxTalk – Salaam Remi & Joell Ortiz

👍🏾 01. Keep’n On
😂/🚮 02. Shake Dat Je’llo (Joell Comeon Bruh)
🔥 03. Box Talk (I forgive you)
🚒 04. Brooklyn What
🆗 05. Cant Stop Wont Stop

Please Joell, Never ever do what you did on track 2 again. You are better than that. Other than that project is ok. Nothing really mind-blowing. Production was lackluster for the most part. Nothing that will make we want to go back. But he did show us he still about all the bars for a brief moments and thats always nice to see.
6/10 – M

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