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Second Month of Summer – Zajé

Second Month of Summer – Zajé

Second Month of Summer – Zajé

🌊01. July
🌊02. Forgive Me
👎🏾03. Pink Pearl (Waves)
👍🏾04. Selfish
🆗05. Don’t want An Angel
🚮06. Love Lost
🌊07. Save Me A Piece
👍🏾08. Show Me How To Love
😴09. Currency
🌊10. Maneuver
👎🏾11. Melanin

Project aint bad at all. Off rip salute to her for honestly doing a whole lot on this. She singing, rapping all of that. i may not have loved it all but I respect it, 11 decent length songs, with different sounds flows even genre’s is not easy. She pulls it off mostly, she had great content, the mixes were type clean but some of the singing was a bit too raw for my ears and couda used some effects to make them sound less struggle. All around tho solid release, very street influenced, very new age, but also very R&B, but most importantly very real. In rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.

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