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Standing on Satan’s Chest – Nessly

Standing on Satan’s Chest – Nessly

🆗01. See Me In Your Dreams
🌊02. Prairie Fields
🔥03. Country Fair
👍🏽04. Ball On You
👍🏽05. Hairdye f. 🌊 GASHI
🔥06. Icy Crucifixes
🔥07. Standing on Satan’s Chest
🚮08. Freezing Cold f. 🚮 YUNG BANS🚮 KILLY
🆗09. Foreign Sheets f. Lil Keed & Lil Yachty
👍🏽10. Love You More
🆗11. Lock My Door When You Knock
🔥12. New Tradition (Bonus Track)

Album is a ride. I’ve never heard of Nessly until this project, purely because of the name of it. album is the pinnacle of mumble rap, if i can it that. beats are all there, and on most songs nessly does his thing. GASHI was the only standout feature, and Yung Bans did his thing and farted on the track. nice going dumbass. all in all this album is pretty okay, but definitely okay to get the green check in my book.
7.2/10 – Trace

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