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The Wild End – Tree & Parallel Thought

The Wild End – Tree & Parallel Thought

🌊01. God Like
🌊02. Double Dd’s
🌊03. Some Kinda Love
🌊04. On My Own
🌊05. Hooters
🌊06. On N On
🌊07. This Money
🌊08. $200
🌊09. No Love
👍🏾10. Who I Am
🌊11. Funeral

Project is fucking smooth. Honestly in such a strange way too, not in the lightskin pimp smooth or like lovey dovey type way but on some first day of summer chill on the stoop with the homies while the block comes to life type shit. The beats slid, the quality was up there but what really stood out was him bringing everything to life. He got this cold ass flow and cadence that not only shares his stories and struggles but it also puts you inside of them. You can feel the struggle he is telling but also the impact his environment left on him through his voice. Dope dope project, in rotation for sure.
7.5/10 – John D.

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