After Dinner Before Dawn – Pro

After Dinner Before Dawn – Pro

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]?01. For Anita’s Sake
?02. Assumed it
?03. Lights Off ft Framework, loose Logic
?04. Storytime ft DJ Framework
?05. Live Wire Cats ft Konflik, E Train
?06. Naturally ft Fattie B
?07. Don’t Worry
?08. FAM ft Kin, That Truth, Learic
?09. Cut Paste Text
?10. Dear Anonymous
?11. Still Grown ft E Train
?12. Happy Days

This is an awkward one, the samples are so damn fire, the production is old school nice hitting you where it matters. The topics of the songs are also great, this is some great material but the way he delivers it is so corny. That’s the only thing that really takes away from this project, sometimes his style does work and fit well with some of the production but others it’s just takes away from you wanting to actually listen to it. When you actually listen to the rhymes, there is substance there, just gotta get passed the horrible flow.


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