Make Hip-Hop Understandable Again EP – Ciphurphace

Make Hip-Hop Understandable Again EP – Ciphurphace

🚮1. 80🥗🥗🥗🥗
👎🏾2. Cypher Universal
👍🏾3. Easy Way
👎🏾4. The Doomsday Doctrine 🥗🥗
😴5. We Got the Dope (Old School)
🌊6. Biscuits From a Can f. 🔥Jake Palumbo

Project let me down. For having such a stern album name its a fucking crime that first sing this dude comes on sloppily word salad choppin up some garbage. I could hear the spit on his lip. Production was ok but its hard to appreciate it when homie sounds like skeletor tryna rap with his chest. I wasnt feeling it. Project is a whole buffet of word salad with a gold link chain, bucket hat, and horn rimmed glasses. Straight like that. I wasnt feeling it.
2/10 – John D.



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