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FredBeenStoned EP – Fredo Korleon

FredBeenStoned EP – Fredo Korleon

👎🏾1. Epik Introduction
👍🏾2. Cataracts
🌊3. Comadre f. Dope J
👍🏾4. Paid My Dues f. Tay
🆗5. Poke Fiction
👍🏾6. Stay a Child f. Verse B

Project has mad potential. Its not a bad ep at all but the quality really takes you away. There is a whole lot of sounds and influences on here but nothing is clear because its kind mashed together, its very evident in the first track. The stuff that i could hear i liked tho, he was spitting some like humble street shit over some fun production and the pacing wasnt bad. Had some smooth stuff too. I wanted to like it but it was more difficult to like it than it should have been.
5/10 – John D.


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