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extraTRArestrial – OG Tra

extraTRArestrial – OG Tra

👎01. Wanna Be Me
👎02. Trawop
👎03. Keep
👎04. Say No More (ft Jacoby Bean)
👎05. Movie
👎06. Day After Day
👎07. Hide
👎08. Wat It Takes

This is a bunch of recycled new age buzzwords and bars. I’ve written the same review for the same project 100 times already. This project proves you can construct a song that fits into the mainstream sound now how about some genuine content instead of all this copy cat bullshit. Also why TF did you name your project extraTRArestrial instead of exTRAterrestrial? You didn’t have to misspell it and you still could of been cheeky this is just purposefully ignorant matter of fact fuck the whole I’m a alien swag that shit been dead since Weezy was doing it I hate y’all new cats.

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