Demons – Madchild

Demons – Madchild

🎥01. Intro
🔥02. Brainstorm
👍03. Han Solo
👍04. Demons
🌊05. Watergate [the whistle soundeffect or whatever it was hurt my ears yo]
🔥06. Times Change
🌊07. Death Race
🎥08. My Turn (Interlude)
🌊09. Dreaded Force
👍10. No Separation
🆗11. Follow
🚒12. Cold Blooded
🔥13. Soiled in Regret
🌊14. Forget About You
👍15. Rocket Fuel
👍16. Terror (ft. Sam Neider👍) [Bonus track was 🌊]

Not as good as his last album. He can definitely hold his own without features. Almost the same subject matter as his Silver Tounge Devil project. Production and quality be the highlight if his raps were sucking dick. Would prefer this over drugs. In rotation for sure.
– Drake K.


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