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The Second City – Steven Malcolm

The Second City – Steven Malcolm

🔥01. Not to Us/Good Love (ft. Taylor Hill🔥, Anderson Michael🔥)
🚒02. Watch
🌊03. Rodeo (ft. Taylor Hill🔥)
👍04. Fade away (ft. Zauntee🆗)
🔥05. The Second City
🚒06. Fuego (ft. Anderson Michael🌊)
🌊07. On Ten
💎08. Been There
👍09. Even Louder (ft. Leeland😴)
😴10. The Beauty of Dreams
👍11. On the Move
🌊12. Devil Is a Liar
🌊13. Heart if David
👍14. Overflow (ft. Stars Go Dim😴) [Should have ended the project here.]
🆗15. Redemption Song

Project is fresh as fuck. This man can rap/sing comfortably and with passion. He sound like a better Kyle to be honest. Prodction on this joint was cleaner than a swiffer pad. Quality is grade A and ready for some radio play if it isn’t hetting any. Taylor Hill and Anderson Michael put a cap on their parts that the other features couldn’t reach. Imma bump this at work without regretting my choices.
– Mr. Kool
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