The Creator – 10k.Caash

The Creator – 10k.Caash


The Creator – 10k.Caash
?️?️?️1. Hey How You Doing
?️?️?️2. Mutumbo ft Rico Nasty
?️?️?️3. She Got Swag
?️?️?️4. Rockstar Swajjur
?️?️?️6. Swagg On Mars
?️?️7. Swajjur Fitness ft Famous Dex
?️?️8. Stunna Shades ft Lil Yachty
?️?️?️9. Watch My Drip ft RiFF RAFF
?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️10. Aloha ft GUN40
?️?️?️11. Dip Swagg Dip
?️?️?️?️?️12. Dragon Tales ft GUN40
?️?️?️?13. Swajjur Back!!
???️?️14. Kerwin Frost Scratch That ft Matt Ox
This right here is not his creation at all. Everything is sounding exactly like old school Soulja Boy. Flow, fruity loop style production. Every song on this damn shit is about Swagg or Swajjur, which since I wrote so much its in my auto correct now. This is horrible the features on here are ass also and I’m sure besides Lil Yachty every other has gotten a red stamp from us. Also how you going to promo a porn star that don’t want even fuck with you, not because you ugly but because your black my dude. SMH THIS FAILS IN SO MANY WAYS.


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