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Wins – TheyCallHimAP

Wins – TheyCallHimAP
Wins – AP
🚒01. Thankful
🚒02. Saturday
🚒03. Forever
🌊04. Sunday morning
👍05. Ugly Truth
🌊06. Ties
🚒07. First Place
🔥08. Master Shifu
🆗️09. Make It
🆗️10. Paranoid
🌊11. Principles
👍12. Felicia
👎13. Fair Trade
🌊14. Wins
🆗️15. Snakes in My Room
🌊16. Outlaws
👎17. Time
🌊18. Sometimes
🌊19. Honest (Bonus)
I got put on to this album from a friend and I didn’t know what to think. First time listening to this and I’m impressed. I listened to this project for most of the day, production slaps, his persona is on point, style and voice capture you and he is speaking real shit. We always talk about keeping a project short, but this one was not bad. I will keep this in my rotation easily. You can hear the filler songs/ radio singles but they dont take away from the project. Just take a listen for your self.
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