Reroute – Dat Boy DOPE

Reroute – Dat Boy DOPE


Reroute – Dat Boy DOPE
? 01. Welcome Back
? 02. Bad Mon Chute
? 03. Reroute Interlude
? 04. F W M
? 05. Better Off As Friend
? 06. It’s Ok to Cry (Call Your Friends)
? 07. New Nxggxs (Feat. LoftP)
? 08. Whole Year
? 09. J.A.M.E.L Outro
Project is meh.. Nothing on here really will make you say “Hey Lemme go back to that”. Production is clean, its honestly the highlight’s of the project. There are moments where I can see the “it” factor. But overall project is low key snoozeville if your not paying attention.


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