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Haunted Gardens – Sadistik

Haunted Gardens – Sadistik
Haunted Gardens – Sadistik
💤01. All My Poisons Sit in Frames
👍🏾02. Eden
🌊03. 8 1/2
🆗04. Burning Lakes
🌊05. Daisies
🔥06. Man’s Best Friend
🌊07. Alcoves
🆗08. Coals
🌊09. Sistine Chapel
👍🏾10. Gallows Hill
🌊11. Koi
👍🏾12. Saints
🌊13. From the Gossamer
Project is cool. Its def for a specific type of mood but I wasnt mad at it. Production his raps, his content, everything was very relaxing with a pinch of dark too it. Like sad boy music but more trippy than anything. Sometimes it would just be a bit much and not do anything and sometimes it would pick up and get a bit catchy and more enjoyable. For a first listen not bad at all but I feel like if you really sink into this and also break down the words, it might get better. In rotation.
John D.
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