Ruga Vs Reiq – Ruga Reiq

Ruga Vs Reiq – Ruga Reiq


Ruga Vs Reiq – Ruga Reiq
?01. Loyalty
?02. Rot
?03. Brownskin Barbie
?04. Together f. Ty Benjamin
??05. Trapshit f. Ty Benjamin
?06. Lead You On
??07. Fortune
?08. Dont Go
?09. Flip
?10. Love And War
?11. Off The Top
?12. Get Ya Mind Right
?13. Snake f. Drugrixh Leek
?14. N2S f. Hug
?15. Bring It Back
?16. Enourmous
Project is too long. Cut out like 5-6 songs and you got a good project, cut out more and you got a solid ep. Leave everything in and you have this mess. The beats were ok but honestly he was holding it down, whether it was good or bad he was doing the most from effects to singing rapping and such so salute to that. The features were ok they worked with what they had some even added flavor. All around a new age fest but like just below average. Little polish, less songs, would def put this dude on radar’s. Till then this aint it.
John D.


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