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Numbers – E the Silent


Numbers – E the Silent
?01. 10/10
?02. 1700 f. Ponyd
?03. 31 f. Ekspan (You ate food twice on this)
??04. 0 f. Will Rose
?05. 86
?06. 10
?07. 8091 f. Dot
?08. 500,000 f. Jace the Truth
?09. 18
?10. 123 Remix
Project wasnt for me. At first im like ok, lil early slim shady voice type shit. Then i realized, oh no, early slim shady voice type shit. Everytime I tried to give some credit I took it back. Like sometimes dude could rap, sometimes it was word salad, sometimes a song was cool but then the beat made it not cool. Sometimes I thought I heard some promise, then the delivery fucked me up. Allot of things didnt clash well at all and it made this super forgettable. Mad wild unbelievable or corny punches and honestly just lost direction in sounds that he should consider not working with. It all just didnt feel right.
John D.


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