N9NA – Tech N9ne

N9NA – Tech N9ne


N9NA – Tech N9ne
?01.Le Horde (Intro)
?️02. Lord Of Weird
?03. N9NA
?04. Hit The Ground Running f. JL & King Iso
?️05. Like I Ain’t
?06. Green Lit f. King Iso & Maez301
?07. Chuki Fever
?08. F’n Do It f. JL & Futuristic
?09. Don’t Let Me Fall f. Krizz Kaliko
?10. You Line! f. Krizz Kaliko
?️11. EDI’s
?12. Rata f. Krizz Kaliko
?13. FTI 2.0
?14. She Fell
?15. Sink
?️16. H.O.B f. Navé Monjo
?️17. Ion Memba f. C-Mob
?️18. Active f. Krizz Kaliko
?19. EF U (Easier For You) f. Krizz Kaliko & Jelly Roll
?20. I Caught Crazy! (4EVER)
?21. I’m Sorry f. Church Boii
Tech N9NE was a ride for me. For one I never really gave him the time until now, and I was not disappointed at all. For 21 songs I enjoyed them and sometimes they flowed so nicely, I couldn’t tell when some changed. There was alot of fast rapping and a few logic sounding rappers. Production is smooth and goes well with the project. Tech N9NE does a good job at keeping you entertain and he for sure knows how to make a body of work. Usually would say 21 songs are too much, but this was just upbeat, good feeling, music and even the songs that he touched on serious things in his personal life, they still had you moving your head. In all it’s a good listen and I will go back and check out some of his older things.


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