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The Black Album – JAY-Z

The Black Album –  JAY-Z
The Black Album – JAY-Z
👎🏾01. Interlude
🚮02. December 4th
🚮03. What More Can I Say
🚛04. Encore
👎🏾05. Change Clothes
🚛06. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
🚮07. Threat
🚮08. Moment of Clarity
🚮09. 99 Problems
🚛10. Public Service Announcement
👎🏾11. Justify My Thug
🚮12. Lucifer
👎🏾13. Allure
🚛14. My 1st Song
This album has to be the worst thing of all times, and this is his retirement album. Come on dog 1 you didn’t retire, 2 this isn’t a album I would retire to the whole album was just out of pocket horrible beats. The only thing this guy should be known for is being able to use a whole stick of chapstick on both lips.
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