The Black Album –  JAY-Z

The Black Album – JAY-Z


The Black Album – JAY-Z
??01. Interlude
?02. December 4th
?03. What More Can I Say
?04. Encore
??05. Change Clothes
?06. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
?07. Threat
?08. Moment of Clarity
?09. 99 Problems
?10. Public Service Announcement
??11. Justify My Thug
?12. Lucifer
??13. Allure
?14. My 1st Song
This album has to be the worst thing of all times, and this is his retirement album. Come on dog 1 you didn’t retire, 2 this isn’t a album I would retire to the whole album was just out of pocket horrible beats. The only thing this guy should be known for is being able to use a whole stick of chapstick on both lips.


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