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Illmatic – NAS

Illmatic – NAS
Illmatic – NAS
📺01. The Genesis
💤02. N.Y. State of Mind (Word 🥗)
🚛03. Life’s a Bitch f. 👎🏾AZ (Hook wild is annoying)
😴04. The World Is Yours
🆗05. Halftime
🚮06. Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park)
💩07. One Love
👎🏾08. One Time 4 Your Mind
🆗09. Represent
🌽10. It Ain’t Hard to Tell
Album his hip hop NyQuil. People hype it up, everyone knows it, but all it does is put you to sleep. It also comes in one color, green, same color as salad, like the words this man strings together. On top of that these beats probably sounded dated then so right now, I might as well be listening to Curtis Blow demo’s. Quality is Hieroglyphics, the pacing does nothing for it, 1 skit that is a waste of a track, 1 feature that made the track word salad vs tone deaf & out of pocket. Overall its like finally getting your hands on the ten commandments people told you about, and realize its more like the Trapped in the Closet box set. Next.
John D.
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