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Bad Habits – NAV

Bad Habits – NAV
Bad Habits – NAV
🆗01. To My Grave
🆗02. I’m Ready
🆗03. Taking Chances
🆗04. Tap (ft Meek Mill)
🆗05. Tension
💩06. Price On My Head (ft The Weeknd )
🆗07. Ralo
💤08. Tussin (ft Young Thug)
💤09. Snap
😴10. Hold Your Breath( ft Gunna)
🆗11. Why You Crying Mama
💤12. Time Pieces (ft Lil Durk)
💤13. Dior Runners
🛌14. Vicodin
💤15. Stuck With Me
💤16. Know Me
This project is like some extra strength zzzquil the one with extra melatonin I started dozing off halfway through. I’m sure someone is going to tell me I just wasn’t listening hard enough but this shit is boring, same tempo autotuned to death and drowning in synths and vocal effects it just ain’t for me.
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