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Coup D’Etat, Pt. 2 – Napoleon Da Legend

Coup D’Etat, Pt. 2 – Napoleon Da Legend
Coup D’Etat, Pt. 2 – Napoleon Da Legend
🔥01. Intro-Verted
🌊02. Risks
🔥03. D. Rose Bones
🚒04. Ashes to Ashes (last verse he left earth)
🚒05. Davinci Code f. RIM
🚒06. Wisdom Rules
💎07. Bullied
🚒08. Michelin Star
🔥09. Original Sin f. Innocent?
🔥10. General Tso
🔥11. Giallo’s Theme
🌊12. Soap
🌊13. Tribe f. Nejma Nefertiti
🌊14. Magnum 50 f. SmooVth
📺15. I am God
Lord. This album is flawless. Every beat was beyond fire, but what makes this entire project crazier is the fact that everything this man does on it is also beyond fire. His cold cadence off rip tells you hes in a bag and you have to listen. Every track. Its got smooth, its got depth, stories, clarity, its woke, hooks, schemes. It almost seems easy, its hard to describe it sounds simple but its beyond complex. Features came and hung out on this too, they were invited by him. Its pacing, the playtime all of it, was on the money. If he starting the year like this, he might be our favorite artists 2019 too. In rotation most likely for the next month or so.
John D.
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