Thoughts from an Isolated Mind – DC

Thoughts from an Isolated Mind – DC


Thoughts from an Isolated Mind – DC
?01. Intro (The Explanation)
?02. Lonely Road
?03. Suicidal Tendencies
?04. Just Another Day?
??05. Never Listen (songs type messy but still solid)
?06. Riots from a Lost Mind (Sloppy fast raps raps fast)
?07. U Mad
??08. Time Bomb
?09. Dead Inside (Interlude)
?10. Baby Don’t Go
?11. When I’m Gone (Intro ??)
??12. Decieving Hearts f. DJFrankied
??13. You Don’t wanna
?14. Everybody Dies in Their Thoughts
??15. Destiny (Outro)
Project is heavy. Its allot to take in, but on top of him havin a lil flow and raps he really took a shot at putting you in the mind of the saddest boy ever. For the most part he does it right. It becomes a bit much after a bit but you cant shake the fact that you understand why he would keep beating you over the head with it. The beats are up there in the sadboy world, the quality is cool but he def can work on polishing his flows and 100% take some singing lessons or youtube or something. Other than that this project was cool. Im wild depressed rn but in rotation.
John D.


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