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Potent – A Hype


Potent – A Hype
?1. Back
?/?2. Weezer 2 (Trash Switchup, and the end is awful)
?3. Jail Time 3
?4. Lyrical Master (No, also why the clapping)
?5. Anger
?6. Grab Da Mic (Blow your fucking nose)
?7. Potent (PoDint)
This dude sounds like he only eats if his food is delivered to him with an airplane motion on a spoon. That spoon also turns white if the foods too hot. Dude just discovered rhyming words. He name drops other artists too as if it would matter. To sum up the quality, raps, beats and all this project is like youtubing creepy kids videos with adult hosts but with a fraction of the talent. Don’t add us to any group chats asking us to listen to this shit again. Hold this second red stamp for 2019. We need an emoji under the shit one, an A Hype emoji. Salute to that.
John D.


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