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If I Die Later – StewartZ

If I Die Later – StewartZ
If I Die Later – StewartZ
🌊01. 9pm In Katy
🌊02. Aaliyah/Selena
🔥03. Nothin’ Free Feat JR Writer
👍🏾04. On My Momma
🌊05. Gangland
👍🏾06. Guttin’ Dutches
🌊07. Sunday Breeze
🌊08. Wit U 2 (Interlude) “hook is meh”
🌊09. How I See It
🔥10. Old Flings Freestyle
🔥11. Glow
This album is what it’s like being in your bag 90% of the time you’re In album mode. Now the 👍🏾 tracks just didn’t get me that involved in the song like the other ones did, so that’s not taking anything away from those tracks. But this album slaps, from production, to flow, to JR Writer, now as a Harlem born and rises 122nd upper west side guy myself, you throw a dipset legend on this I’m always gonna be interested.
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