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Against All Odds – Slim Jesus

Against All Odds – Slim Jesus
Against All Odds- Slim Jesus
🆗1. See Me Win (intro)
💩2. Drip Heavy
👎3. That’s Cap
😄👎4. 2 Glocks
💤5. Bust Down
👎6. What Gucci Had
🆗7. Lately
💤8. Slip n Slide
💤9. Outer Space
Let’s start with the good before we get into the bad, productions clean everything is mixed really well beats bang and that’s it. Slim Jesus busted open the new age buzzwords thesaurus for this one. Everything is bitches designer wear and street talk booooring. He’s saying the same shit as everyone else only way less convincing. This has gotta be some of the frailest sounding street music I ever heard, bird chested toothpick sized looking like a q-tip head ass.
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