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Emergency Raps Vol.4 – Fly Anakin & Tuamie

Emergency Raps Vol.4 – Fly Anakin & Tuamie
? 01. Sdccam Tro
? 02. Old 50 Cent
? 03. HolOnHolOn
? 04. Murray’s (Feat. Skyzoo)
? 05. Travolt Pt. IV (Feat. Big Kahuna Og & HennyLo)
? 06. Karl Kani
? 07. Katomate (Feat. Henny L.O.)
? 08. Ashes to Ashes
? 09. Gold Accord (Veronica)
? 10. Lost Feelings (Feat. Big Kahuna Og & Monday Night ?)
? 11. Splinters (Feat. Al.Divino & Ankhlejohn)
? 12. Karl Kani (Reprise)
This project is smoooooooth. Sounds like he did this project in his pajamas. He was comfortable. He’s out here rapping his ass off on each track. With a dope flow and cadence throughout. As far as I’m concerned, Tuamie’s is a sleeping giant his production is clean and quality heat, They also complement Anakin very well. He’s truly out here sounding like he did this project effortlessly. In rotation.

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