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On The Prowl – Slim Thug

On The Prowl – Slim Thug
On The Prowl- Suga Daddy Slim (Slim Thug)
💤1. Paid The Cost Ft. DJ X.O
🆗2. I L.A.M.B. ft Jazzy Pha & Z Ro
👎3. Playas Get Chose
👎4. Special
🔥5. Poison
👍6. S.D.S
🌊7. With Me
🆗8. High
👎9. Lately
🆗10. Same Girl
The production on this is awesome, wavey, but Slim Thug can’t connect with some of them. The first song is horrible because he tries to do a new age flow that doesn’t work good for his type of style. With saying that this project starts rough, BUT WAIT! He once again gets saved with the production that actually let’s him shine. Poison is the best song to me on this project it gives you the new smooth playa type Slim Thug is going with on this project fused with the old style. In all it’s ok but with only an handful of songs I’m going with it’s getting that orange stamp.
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